So… Let’s talk about me.

I think it’s only fair to write a few lines about myself, after all, this is MY blog ^^

Just what everyone should know about me.

I’m a 29 years old male Panda, and I love to play music, and cook. And party of course ^^

I’ve been playing the drums for 12 years now, and the bass for 11. I also sing and play the guitar.

As for cooking, I can cook food from all over the world, but I worked mostly in Japanese restaurants ( and no, I’m not Asian. )

I prefer to give a massage than to receive one ( but I have special rules… ^^ )
I’m also not scary, but I can hurt you BADLY.
If I need to blow off some steam, I grab a few hours of drumming time, or a riding time on my roller-skates (better with friends !). Or, you know… SEX.
( and right now i’m up for one of those… Maybe drumming better ^^ )
That’s all for now.


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