My band. The second thing i would drop anything else for. I discovered the joy of playing in a band at 16 ( that’s 13 years ago, Damn i’m old ! ) and i can’t live without it now. Of course i had music lessons in school, where they teach you the flute, but that’s crap, we all know it !
So, back to my band.
It first came together about 10 years ago, with a few person I was “learning” music with. We were 5 : a guitarist, a bassist, a keyboard, a lead singer and a drummer. It went ok, until one of those days, where it exploded. Long story short, we splitted. The bassist went his way, the guitarist became a drummer in another band, and our keyboard became our actual bassist. Which is great, since he’s such a great musician ( he was my drums teacher ! ) and we get to switch from bass to drums and vice-versa. Now, the band has the same name, but the members are different… We have a great guitarist, 2 awesome singers/chorists, a bassist, and a drummer.
we are a cover band, for now, but we’re planning on doing our own songs by the end of the year. Might be FUNKY.

See ya in rehearsal, or even better, at our next gig !


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