Or a little self pity. But hey, happens !
I noticed a few days ago, like a week or two, that I’m quite unattractive, compared to a bunch of my friends… Like ALL of them.
But let’s state a fact here first. I’m not unattractive per se. I’m just FAT. Which is ok most of the time, but right now it pisses me off. As I was looking at my friends the other day, it really hit me. Damn, I’m surrounded by a buttload of “skinny” dudes ^^ ( yeah, some are faking ! )
Soooooo, let’s hit the gym for a year and stop complaining.

Sorry about that.


6 thoughts on “Unattractiveness.

      • The actual fact is, you have to accept who you are. No matter what or who.
        If you disagree with your body, make it change to accept it.
        But the most important is you, not the other. I dislike mine, I try to make it change doing as much as sport as possible !

      • Irrelevant. I’m ok with what And who i am 95% of the Time. Plus, there are things you CANNOT change, no matter how hard you try ^^ for example, you can’t become as fit as Mr T. You can just rip yourself, to shape your muscles on your body. ^^

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