Today’s topic is about “Love” and how people are fuckin hypocrites when it comes to that kind of things ^^

As we were saying with my half-asian half-belgian friend the other day, looks aren’t everything… or are they…?

Usually, when asked if you want the super hot chick that’s as dumb as a lost sock on a rooftop, or the chubby one with glasses who shares your taste in movies, books, music, etc etc, and with whom you can talk not all night long but all nightS long on any subject, you’ll try to be “a good guy” and answer : i’d rather have the one i can talk with.


Let’s be honest, why settle ? Why get the head of the decorating comitee if you can have the Prom Queen huh ? You’ll eventually find a hot chick that’s not dull, and who can chat using more than 4 words in a sentence ! maybe… or not. but, you want to bang the hot chick. plus, the hot chick looks better when you’re on the street holding her hand. yeah yeah, i know.

AND… That works both ways ladies, don’t even try to pretend otherwise. You want the fine piece of ass with a 6-pack of abs. and you’re right, of course ^^ but just remember, it’s always easier for you. Even fat girls have God’s Blessing : BOOBS. (and ass, too.. dammit.)

Let’s finish this little post with a debate i had with a friend some time ago now : If you have a crush on someone, and deep down, you know the other person doesn’t feel the same way, should you tell ?

We both agreed : it’s not a good idea. it can mess a friendship up. blah blah blah.

The wise advice is : don’t. keep it to yourself, you’ll get over it. or maybe you’ll be lucky and she’ll eventually feel the same (yeah, i know, it’s a lot of daydreaming !)

My advice though isn’t the same : go for it. you have nothing to lose. if the “friendship” is messed up, then it wasn’t a real one to begin with, and so, wasn’t worth it.

Well I think this ends it.


4 thoughts on “Hypocrisy.

  1. People are like chocolates boxes. If the box isn’t attractive enough, you don’t want to taste it. It sometimes happens the box is bloody attractive and doesn’t worth it. Well, eating chocolates is a too short moment meanwhile

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