Bored much ?

naaah, that’s not it ! I just watch a lot of tv shows, which i can do while i’m doing something else.

and since my friends published a list of what they’re watching, i’m gonna do the same, maybe you could pick something to watch out of it 🙂


i’m too tired to sort it right now, so it’s gonna be alphabetical, and maybe if i have time i’ll put a note whether it’s still on or not 🙂 if there’s nothing after the name of the TV show, it’s just that i don’t know, and i’m too lazy to look it up :p


so let’s go :

2 broke girls (still on)

8 Simple Rules (ended)

9 Lives of Chloe King (still on)

10 things i hate about you

30 rock (still on)

90210 (still on)

Accidentally on Purpose

Ally Mc Beal (ended)

Alphas (still on)

American Dad

Awkward (still on)

Being Erica (still on)

Better off Ted

Black Books

Blue Mountain State (still on)

Boardwalk Empire

Breaking Bad

Buffy (kinda ended.)


Chuck (still on)

Cougar Town

Covert Affairs

Dead Set (ended)

Dexter (still on)

Dirty Sexy Money (ended)

Dollhouse (ended)

Drop Dead Diva (still on)

Episodes (still on)

Eureka (still on)

Fairly Legal

Fringe (still on)

Friends (ended)

Game of Thrones (still on)

Glee (still on)

Gossip Girl (still on)


Harper’s Island (ended)

Harry’s Law (still on)

Hellcats (ended)

Heroes (ended)

How I met your mother (still on)

House M.D (still on)

Instant Star (ended)

I hate my teenage daughter

I just want my pants back

Journeyman (ended)

Lie to me (ended)

Love Bites (ended)

Man up! (still on)

Melissa and Joey (still on)

Misfits (still on)

NCIS (still on)

Necessary Roughness (still on)

New Girl (still on)


No ordinary family

Off the Map (ended)

Once upon a time (still on)

Outsourced (ended)

Pretty Little Liars (still on)

Reaper (ended)

The hard times of RJ Berger

Scrubs (ended)


Switched at birth (still on)

The Big Bang Theory (still on)

Teen Wolf (still on)

The Class (ended)

The Gates (ended)

True Blood (still on)

Un Dos Tres (ended)

United States of Tara

V 2009 (ended)

Web Therapy (still on)


Well, that covers some, but not everything. i’m late right now so i’ll just come back to this later 🙂


4 thoughts on “Bored much ?

  1. Ouaaah mais en fait c’est pire que ce que je pensais, quoi que moi je suis bien partie en ce moment, d’ailleurs j’en ai trouvé une par hasard, Shamless US, sympa. Et Game of Thrones de cette année est pas mal aussi, on attend mieux de la prochaine saison.
    Je vais m’inspirer de ta liste pour continuer. ^^

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